What White items are valuable in DIIR?

Andreliverod - 23 Sep 2022
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Several items in Diablo II Resurrected have value only because of runewords. While you can add sockets to white items with Larzuk or crafting, items with the required sockets are the better as you do not have to waste resources. Larzuk will always add the maximum amount of sockets the item can support, while the crafting recipe for rerolling produces a random outcome of sockets.

This list of items with the required amount of sockets is easy to trade, especially if they roll with high Defense/Attack stats:


Crystal Sword
Crystal Sword with 4 or 5 sockets.
  • Crystal swords are the weapon with the lowest strength requirement that can roll with 4-6 sockets, excellent for Magic casters. 4 sockets are for the Spirit Runeword, while 5 sockets are for the Call To Arms runeword.
Phase Blade 5 sockets.
  • Used for the Grief runeword.
Flail 4 sockets.
  • This is the lowest strength requirement Mace that can roll with 4 sockets. Used for Heart of The Oak runeword.
Flail 5 sockets.
  • For the Call To Arms runeword.
Elite Ethereal polearm with 4 sockets.
  • For Insight/Infinity/Pride runewords equipped on Mercenaries
Elite Ethereal polearm with 5 sockets.
  • For Obedience runeword on Mercenaries.
Ethereal War Spike or Berserker Axe with 0 or 6 sockets.
  • For Breath Of The Dying runeword on Mercenaries. Very valuable if spawned with +10% Enchanted Damage
Wands with +3 skills and 0/2 sockets.
  • For White Runeword. Bone Spear being the best option here. Wand, Yew and Burnt bases have maximum 1 socket and can be ignored.


Kite Shield
Heraldic Shield
Crown Shield
Monarch with 4 sockets.
  • For Spirit runeword. With 156 strength requirement, it is the lowest non-paladin shield that roll 4 sockets.
Paladin Shields 4 sockets Normal/Elite.
  • For spirit runeword. Paladin shields can have all resistance while still being common items and can roll up to 45% All Resistance. The normal versions are suitable for leveling, and elite versions can be used for the endgame.
Elite Paladin shields with 2 sockets.
  • For Rhyme runeword. You can use any paladin shield but these have the highest blocking chance..


Archon Plate
Dusk Shroud
Druid Pelt
Archon Plate/Dusk Shroud/Wyrmhide with 2-4 sockets.
  • These bases have low strength requirements and good defense, used for various runewords
Elite Ethereal Body Armors with 4 sockets.
  • For Stone runeword on Mercenaries.
Diadem with 0 sockets.
  • They are used to imbue with Charsi quest on any difficulty. After becoming rare, you can continue rerolling with the cube recipe (6 Perfect Skulls + Rare Item) without the item diminishing in quality.
Druid pelts with +3 to skills and 2 sockets.
  • For Delirium runeword. Druid helmets may have 1-3 points in up to 3 individual skills and still be a common item.
Barbarian helmet with +3 to skills and 2 sockets.
  • For Delirium runeword, Barbarian helmets may have 1-3 points in up to 3 individual skills from all tree of his skill and still be a common item. Worth a lot with a good set of skills!
Necromancer shields with +3 skills and 0/2 sockets.
  • For Splendor runeword. All Necromancer Totems may have +1-3 points in up to 3 individual skills and still be a common item.