Must-know tips for killing Uber Diablo / Diablo Clone

Everyone wants to get their hands on the exclusive Annihilus charm. Here are some important tips for making acquiring this mythic small charm way easier.

How to spawn Diabloclone

Spawning Diablo Clone has been made way easier compared to the original game. As before, players on will have to sell the unique ring Stone of Jordan to merchants, this will trigger a server wide hidden counter for the region where the SOJ is sold. There are three regions: Americas, Europe and Asia. This means you can jump between regions when he gets close to spawning. The SOJ count is also separated by game mode Hardcore/Softcore and Expansion and D2 Classic.

The exact amount of SOJ's required is not known, originally it seemed to be a random number between 75-125. It does seem as this is still the number per region. There is now a way to know how close he is, you can check this by writing the command /uberdiablo in the game chat. This will show one of six messages signifying how close he is:

  • 1/6 Terror gazes upon Sanctuary
  • 2/6 Terror approaches Sanctuary
  • 3/6 Terror begins to form within Sanctuary
  • 4/6 Terror spreads across Sanctuary
  • 5/6 Terror is about to be unleashed upon Sanctuary
  • 6/6 Diablo has invaded Sanctuary

Judging from the old numbers for SOJ's required this means that level 1-5 requires around 24~ sold Stone of Jordans before he invades. If the level is at 3-4, it is time to idle in a Hell game and wait for his arrival(non-ladder). The game will not kick you out unless there is maintenance, so make sure to disable Sleep mode on your computer.

Stop Uber Diablo's constant healing

The extreme healing ability of Diablo is what makes him one of the most troublesome bosses in the game and the easiest way to do this is with "Prevent Monster Heal" on your weapon. This will prevent him from gaining health for 80 minutes. Beware, you need to keep him within two screens to keep the skill from resetting. Which means you should avoid trips to town. Prevent Monster Heal does not work on your Mercenary, you need to be the one who do the damage. You only need one hit, this can take several tries as a sorceress as your dexterity will be low.

Prevent Monster Heal

It is hard to see if you proc, equipping a poison/cold charm can help with this as he will turn green/blue if it procs(he can spawn with immunities to these). Keep this weapon in the inventory and swap it out as soon as you proc, throwing from a distance is recommended.

You can get Javelins with "Prevent Monster Heal" from Anya in Hell, jump into the Nhilatak portal to reset her inventory. The Javelins with 35 required dex and 52 required strength can spawn with "Prevent Monster Heal".

Lower Uber Diablo's Resistance

With high resistances this guy can be quite troublesome for elemental builds, unless you use the "Lower Resist" curse. Good news, this is available for all classes from charges on wands! These can be purchased from Malah in Act 5. This will make him vulnerable to all elements.

Lower Resist

Spawn him at an ideal location

First of all, make sure you are playing Hell difficulty! He will not spawn on lower difficulties. When he spawns make sure to teleport to town right away so that you can control where he spawn. He will replace the first super-unique monster you encounter. Examples include Eldritch the Rectifier, Bishibosh, Rakanishu and Corpsefire in the Den of Evil.

It's recommended to spawn him in Frigid Highlands, replacing Eldritch the Rectifier. This is close to a waypoint, make sure to clear the area around for monsters before you engage in the fight. Try not to pull Uber Diablo on top of the waypoint as this might cause trouble if you die and need to get your corpse.

Prepare potions

To avoid town trips and resetting the Prevent Monster Heal proc, make sure to throw several mana and health potions around the waypoint to ensure you do not run out of gas while fightning.

Only for high tier characters

These tips will make Uber Diablo easier to defeat, and it is possible with all characters in the game. But this is an endgame event and requires a strong and well built character. You should not expect to win against Uber Diablo with a weaker character unless he is specifically built for taking him down.

Uber Diablo Stats

Health: 642,700
Cold Resist: 95%
Fire Resist: 95%
Lightning Resist: 95%
Poison Resist: 95%
Magic Resist: 50%
Physical Resist: 50%