The Horadric Cube

The Horadric cube can be used to transmute multiple items. Drag items into it and press the transmute button to do the conversion. If you try transmute a combination of items that are not compatible, your character will say that they cannot do that. Transmuting is not reversible. Upgrading runes are covered in the 'Runes' section and crafting specific gear is under the 'Crafting section'. This page covers the remaning Horadric Cube recipies.
  • Items inside of the Horadric Cube will be identified when talking to Cain if it is in your inventor.
  • Only one Cube can be picked up by the same character, you cannot place a cube inside of a cube.
  • If you lose the Cube you can get a new on from Halls of the Dead in Act 2 or from the Council in Act 3 when they are killed.
  • You can give a Cube to another character that have not found one yet.
Item Ingredients Crafted Item Comments
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