Act 2 Mercenary List

Type Normal/Hell Nightmare
Combat Prayer Thorns
Defense Defiance Holy Freeze
Offense Blessed Aim Might

Power Leveling Guide

Level Type of Run
1-15 Act1 Tristram Runs
15-24 Act2 Tomb Runs
24 Act5 Ancients
25-40 Act4 Sanctuary/Act5Baal Runs
40 Act5 Ancients Nightmare
41-60 Act4 Sanctuary / Act5 Baal Runs Nightmare
60 Act5 Ancients Hell
61-99 Act5 Baal Runs Hell

Pandemonium Event / Essences

Location / Monster Key
Act1 The Countess Terror
Act2 The Summoner Hate
Act5 Nihlathak Destruction
Location Organ
Matron's Den Diablo's Horn
Forgotten Sands Baal's Eye
Furnace of Pain Mephisto's Brain
Boss Essence
Andariel / Duriel Twisted Essence of Suffering
Mephisto Charged Essence of Hatred
Diablo Burning Essence of Terror
Baal Festering Essence of Destruction

Tomb Symbols

To find the true Tomb of Tal Rasha after finishing the quest you can look at the floating symbols after killing the Summoner in the Arcane Sanctuary. There will only be six icons there, which means one is missing. Whichever one icon is missing will be the True Tomb of Tal Rasha.

Crafting Quick Tips

Crafting can be a complex topic if you dive deep into it but we will present you with some useful tips and general advice here. The most useful items to craft is in general: Blood Rings, Blood Amulets, Blood Gloves, Caster Amulets, Caster Belts, and Hit Power Gloves. Always craft with the Exceptional or Elite version of the items for better defence and more potion slots in belts.

Character level affects the outcome of the crafted level, if you want to craft amulets your character should be at least level 93 for the possiblity of the best outcome. Since clvl also affects gambling you can simply gamble your amulet at lvl 93 too, and not have to do runs to find it. For other items like gloves you want to not be higher than level 62 to avoid rolling Charged Item Suffixes.

If you are rolling for specific properties you should reseach Item Affix Levels to see what character level you should be to roll that specific affix and avoid those you do not want.


Which vendor or Act you gamble in makes no difference, The Item level of Items you gamble is rolled in a range of -5 to +4 equal to your Character level. This means gambling then you are level 93 gives you a chance of getting an item with iLvl 88-97. As a general rule as with crafting, level 93 is where you want to be when gambling. The cost of gambling also goes up as your character levels up.

Gull Dagger Gambling trick: The Gull Dagger is an awesome unique Item with the property of 100% more Magic Find. It is popular to use as a secondary weapon swap on Sorceresses when killing bosses. Coupled together with a MF shield it can significantly boost your item drops. There is a trick for aquiring this item when gambling. Level your character to lvl 11, which is when gambling Daggers for a Gull Dagger is at is cheapest and this is also the level where you are first able to get this item. Not only do you have a chance to get this unique it is also the only unique Dagger you can gamble for at this level. Prepare to spend around 2-5 million gold depending on how lucky you are.

Shop Runs

Shop Running or Vendor Running is the process of running back and forth between a vendor and the waypoint or a portal. This resets their inventory which gives you the chance of finding some rare items. The item level of store bought items are your character level plus 5. Here are some items you might want to do runs for:

BO Sticks: (Battle Orders) Weapons for Barbarian, these single-handed throwing spears can be bought from Mala or Anya in Act5 Hell. The best ones have +3 To All Warcries and are quite rare. Barbs only use these as a secondary weapon and swaps whenever they use Warcries. Anya is the goto vendor as you can refresh her inventory by entering and exiting the red portal by her side.

Trap Assasin Claws: Anya in Act 5 sells Magic Claws which have the chance of +3 To Traps. These claws can spawn with both +3 to Death Sentry and +3 To Lightning Sentry in addition to +3 to Traps, which makes them the best claws in the game for Trap Assasins.

3/20 Amazon Gloves: Anya's Gloves is also worth checking out as you might get a pair for Amazons with +3 To Javelin and Spear Skills and 20% Increased Attack Speed.

Jewelers Whale Armors: These are magic armors with up to +100 To life and 4 sockets, Anya can spawn with these and so can Larzuk. To reset Larzuk as quick as possible you can open a red key portal next to him to do quick resets. Note that you cannot use runwords in these, they are for high-end jewels and ringle runes. You cannot add sockets with Larzuk to a magical Whale Armors and get 4 sockets, magical items are limited to 1-2 sockets.

Lower Resist Wands: These curse wands can be used by elemental damage characters to curse immune monsters to help deal with them. Note that Lower Resist does not automatically make a immune monster non-immune, there are a lot of exceptions here. However if you want this you can shop run at Drognan in Act2, reroll the map until the city exit is by his side, then reroll his inventory by exiting and entering the town. There are only 2 different town maps so it is quick to get the optimal one.

Charsi Imbue Quest

As a lot of other mechanics in the game the Charsi Imbue Quest relies on character level to roll items, difficulty does not matter at all. If you want the optimal roll you need a character level of 94 or higher to roll the item. However there is a very important exception to this rule! Diadems can be rolled at any character level and still produce the best results. So use Diadems when rerolling. You need to be level 8 and have Cain in the town to get the quest, so we can say that character level 8 is the minimum requirement.

Mercenary and Magic Find

Your mercenary Magic and Gold Find stacks with your own when they do the killing. If you have 100% MF and the Mercenary has 100% MF you will get 200% MF whenever the Mercenary does the killing and only 100% MF when you do the kill.

Larzuk Socket Quest Notes

  • Larzuk will add sockets only if the item is unsocketed and socketable: Headgear, body armor, shields and Weapons (except throwing weapons)
  • Larzuk will add the maximum number of sockets possible to a low quality/normal/superior item, be it white or grey (ethereal). The item lvl tiers apply here
  • Larzuk will add 1-2 sockets randomly to magic items with 50/50 odds, provided the item allows 2 sockets. Otherwise he will always add 1 socket
  • Larzuk will only add 1 socket only to rare, set, unique, and crafted items
  • Larzuk will add the same number of sockets, no matter if you use the quest reward in Normal, Nightmare, or Hell