DiabloDex is a game extension for Diablo II Resurrected built on the Overwolf Platform. Users with the app open are shown as online, making it easy to filter out offline users and make a quick and easy trade.

  • Trade with live players
  • Reads items from your inventory
  • Holy Grail item list
  • Lookup Price Information
  • Full Item database
  • Autocomplete Item Properties


Reads your items from in-game inventory and logs them in a holy grail collection list, making it easy to track items you have found.


Being live gives your items more visibility than those of offline users. DiabloDex launches as you start the game, enabling trades to happen fast. The notification system enables you to focus on gameplay rather than waiting on a forum for a trade to happen.


Automatically reads item properties and add them for trade with just two clicks. No need to fill out all those item properties manually.


Knowing what items are worth is a big barrier of entry when it comes to trading. We have included a rough price estimate on items in our database making it easier for our users to evaluate the worth of an item.


Search through the DiabloDex to find the items you need, detailed property filters and a structured database makes it easy to find exactly the item you are looking for.


The DiabloDex Windows App is built on the Overwolf App platform, where it has gone through rigorous testing before release. Overwolf works as a framework and game extension library, think of it as an app store for game extensions. They pick their partners carefully and test their apps before releasing them into the ecosystem. DiabloDex has to pass several testing phases to release on the Overwolf platform. Our developers are experienced with game extensions and have built MTGA Assistant for Magic: The Gathering.

The DiabloDex app is a Desktop App and is integrated into Diablo II Resurrected launching at the same time you launch the game. All interactions happen within the DiabloDex desktop app. We read information from the game only with the help of apis created by Overwolf that has done extensive testing and we are sure that it is not interfering and creating situations where accounts are banned. We have been able to read item information from the game to make the trading process even easier. We will be adding other cool features like automatic Holy-Grail lists (Checklist of items you have collected) and online character profiles. The game integration can be disabled within the Overwolf settings to make it run purely as a stand-alone app with no connection to the game.