How Terror zones work in Diablo II Resurrected

Andreliverod - 24 Feb 2023
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The new Terror zones add further variety to Diablo II Resurrected gameplay. While available right after defeating Baal on Normal, Terror zones aim to make leveling up to 99 a more pleasant and fun journey, rather than farming the same run thousands of times. In addition, it also gives you access to the new Sundering charms that give you the power to overcome immune monsters. Check out our article on sundering charms here.

These new zones are only available for Lord of Destruction players, not Classic Diablo II. They are unlocked per character and require you to beat the defeat Baal on each difficulty to open them within said difficulty. Every hour a new zone within the game will turn into a Terrorized zone based on the creator's current level. If the game creator leaves, a new player is selected as a base for the next terror zone.

Patch 2.6 also introduces Terror Zones in offline games, but they will operate on a different schedule from their online counterpart.

Terror Zone

Zone information will be relayed from the in-game chat box. In addition, you will see a purple tint in the Waypoint selector on the zone that is terrorized.

The following are the level details for each monster type on each difficulty:

Difficulty Monster Type Level
Normal Base +2 levels up to level 45
Normal Champion +4 levels up to level 47
Normal Unique +5 levels up to level 48
Nightmare Base +2 levels up to level 71
Nightmare Champion +4 levels up to level 73
Nightmare Unique +5 levels up to level 74
Hell Base +2 levels up to level 96
Hell Champion +4 levels up to level 98
Hell Unique +5 levels up to level 99

Terror Zone

Here is a complete list of all zones that can become terrorized (updated for patch 2.6):

Act I

Blood Moor and Den of Evil
Cold Plains and The Cave
Burial Grounds, The Crypt, and the Mausoleum
Stony Field
Dark Wood/Underground Passage
Black Marsh/The Hole
The Forgotten Tower
Cathedral and Catacombs
The Pit
Moo Moo Farm

Act II

Rocky Waste and Stony Tomb
Dry Hills and Halls of the Dead
Far Oasis
Lost City, Valley of Snakes, and Claw Viper Temple
Ancient Tunnels
Arcane Sanctuary
Tal Rasha's Tombs


Spider Forest and Spider Cavern
Great Marsh
Flayer Jungle and Flayer Dungeon
Kurast Bazaar, Ruined Temple, and Disused Fane
Durance of Hate

Act IV

Outer Steppes and Plains of Despair
River of Flame/City of the Damned
Chaos Sanctuary

Act V

Bloody Foothills/Frigid Highlands/Abbadon
Glacial Trail/Drifter Cavern
Crystalline Passage and Frozen River
Arreat Plateau/Pit of Acheron
Nihlathak's Temple, Halls of Anguish, Halls of Pain, and Halls of Vaught
Ancient's Way and Icy Cellar
Worldstone Keep, Throne of Destruction, and Worldstone Chamber